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Generator Services

Our Generator Quick Connect Switchboard is an engineered assembly designed to allow safe and fast connection of a mobile generator to your healthcare facility's electrical system or a portable load bank. 

  • Generator Installation
  • Temporary Generator
  • Mobile Generator
  • Emergency Generator
  • Upgrades
  • Transfer Switch
  • Docking Station
  • Emergency Backup Power

2 Year After Sandy

Generator Back Up Power Example

Emergency Power

You can quickly and safely supply emergency power to parts of your electrical power system that are not currently covered by your emergency power system. This means you can bring power to non-essential loads, like:

HVAC – Heating and AC, including air-handling necessary to address airborne infection danger
Computer systems – Patient records, test reports, admissions, etc.
Lighting beyond life-safety-required lighting

3 Important Applications

  1. Use to back up an existing permanent generator (or during routine maintenance)
  2. Use to supply mobile generator power to circuits that are not backed up by a permanently installed generator
  3. Use as a convenient connector point for a portable load bank during testing

Electrical Equipment - Generators Interior

Electrical Equipment - Generator

Generator Details



Safer and more reliable installation
Installed during non-chaotic lost-power situation
Permanent connection to existing hospital switchboard

Tested as part of the installation
Eliminates safety hazards and security problems created by cables running through doorways and up stairways
Less disruptive to hospital operation - Can be positioned outdoor at convenient location

Reduce emergency costs - Unit is installed during non-emergency
Speed of connection during emergency power situations
Easier to manage - Hospital staff can focus on other important issues during power loss

Engineered assembly designed for safe and fast connection of a mobile generator
Indoor or outdoor enclosure
Generator service disconnect circuit breaker rated up to 4,000A

Cam-type plugs commonly found on mobile generator cables
Standard mechanical lugs provided for an alternative method of connecting generator cables